Live demo: countdown/countup

Countdowns, and generally speaking comparisons with Today’s date,  have been a recurring theme on my blog. SharePoint 2010 hasn’t brought much improvement to the “Today” issue, so the workarounds published on my blog in 2008 remain a good reference, either the one I wrote for Data View Web Parts or Alexander Bautz’ follow up article for list views. […]

Live demo: animated countdowns with Flash and jQuery

We started with the HTML calculated column, then we later extended the technique to JavaScript. Today is the turn of the jQuery calculated column! To demonstrate this technique, I have included animated countdowns in a SharePoint list: The list displays two countdowns, one based on Flash (from and the other using the jQuery countdown plugin […]

Countdowns – A second method

I have already published a method to display countdowns in SharePoint lists, and generally speaking compare a date to today’s date. My method uses the DVWP and Javascript. Alexander Bautz, a reader from Norway, has come up with slightly different approach. He has mixed two of my posts, the countdown and the “HTML calculated column“, to create a […]

A School Site to Track Schedules, Assignments and Grades (Part II)

Guest Author: Trudy Hutzler Welcome to part two of the School Site Overview. In the last article I gave you some background about why we created the School Site, and I showed how we tracked classes. In this article we start to get into more of the fun stuff as I walk you through how […]