Trick or treat? Group items by month

It’s that time of the year again when the unnatural becomes the norm, so let’s continue the tradition started last year with the SPELL program. Our goal today will be to display list or library items grouped by month, as shown in the screenshot. The deal is that we don’t want any custom code or […]

“Today”, “Me” and SharePoint

I have already talked about the popular “Today” trick, and explained how you can get the same result by simply using the [Modified] column: I have a strange feeling about this. People who have been using this trick for years don’t believe me (which makes me doubt), but at the same time they can’t […]

Live demo: countdown/countup

Countdowns, and generally speaking comparisons with Today’s date,  have been a recurring theme on my blog. SharePoint 2010 hasn’t brought much improvement to the “Today” issue, so the workarounds published on my blog in 2008 remain a good reference, either the one I wrote for Data View Web Parts or Alexander Bautz’ follow up article for list views. […]

Sparklines in SharePoint (part II) – A homemade bar graph

In my last post, I introduced sparklines and their applications. Today, let’s see on an example how to build simple bar graphs in a SharePoint list. The scenario In my example, I am tracking customer support calls over time. For each product or service, I want to monitor: – the number of calls (too many support calls will kill […]