A slider for the Gantt view


The slider for Gantt views was part of the 7+1 live demos I published last November; moving the handle or directly clicking on the slider allows you to resize the Gantt.

After some additional adjustments, I am ready to release today a sample script.

I did not build the slider. I simply took an existing one offered by the jQuery UI library, and combined it with my technique to scale down the Gantt view.

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How to scale down the SharePoint Gantt view

fullyearIn SharePoint, one limitation of the Gantt view is that there is no option to adjust the scale. Only a couple weeks are visible on your screen.

How can we change this to view 6 months or one year? Last month, I showed how to shrink a month calendar. Today’s the turn of the Gantt view.

The method

Just like the calendar, the Gantt view has a bone structure: images invisible to the naked eye with a width of 16 pixels. So once again we’ll apply our Jivaro-like technique and reduce their size using CSS.

As usual, use a CEWP to drop the code on your page.

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Gantt view: a first test

This post shows a first attempt to use my “HTML calculated column” method to display Gantt views.

Why would I do this, knowing that SharePoint already offers Gantt views? Well, this addresses a few issues of the built-in solution:
– adjust the timescale
– add color coding
– use grouping options on the chart itself
– add various behaviors like context information

On the other hand, my solution doesn’t display a scale. Also, like the built-in SharePoint Gantt, it won’t manage task dependencies (Finish to Start, etc.).

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