Special offer: SharePoint 2007 Gantt workshop

I am still working on my new workshop series that I’ll launch in the beginning of next year. The workshop descriptions will be added under the workshops tab on http://sp2010.pathtosharepoint.com.

Some people have already contacted me several weeks ago about the Gantt solutions for SharePoint 2007. I understand that January 2011 is still far away, so if you are interested in this workshop here is my proposal:
– you register for a one hour one-on-one session
– we set up a meeting, based on our time zone
– I’ll provide my current solutions to address your immediate needs (typically the dynamic timescale)
– you’ll also get a free ticket to the January workshop, where you’ll get all the updated scripts (~10 solutions, for Gantt views and calendar views).

If you are interested, please register on my home page, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Note that the solutions offered in this workshop are for SharePoint 2007 only (wss v3 and MOSS), and don’t apply to SharePoint 2010.

For a live demo of the dynamic Gantt timescale, visit this page:

Live demo: calendar with color coding and tooltip

This week, Mark Miller and I will be hosting our live online workshop series dedicated to calendars. Mark will start on Tuesday (“Create a SharePoint Master Calendar Solution“), and I’ll join him on Wednesday (“Add Color Coding and Tool Tips to Your SharePoint Calendars“) and Thursday (“SharePoint Calendar Resizing and Enhanced Views“).

To give you an idea of what you can expect on Wednesday, see this live demo that showcases two of the solutions I’ll be presenting (hover over an event to display the tooltip):

On Thursday, we’ll review several solutions to make the calendar month view user friendly:

  • Resize a month view
  • Switch from week view to month view in a snap
  • Display weekdays only
  • Hide start time for intraday events
  • Skip the “more items” button and display all events
  • Display a calendar from another site or site collection

All these solutions work on wss v3 and MOSS, and don’t require any server side installation.

Talk to you soon!

Planning my trip to California

I am currently planning my trip to California, for the second half of April. I’ll be in the San Diego area the week of April 19th, and possibly in the San Francisco area the week after.

As usual, I am trying to make the most of such trips, meet with user groups, and discuss business opportunities with partners and customers. If you’d like me to come and visit you, please drop me a note at Christophe@PathToSharePoint.com and I’ll be happy to respond!

This week’s workshops: visualization, Gantt and Sparklines

I am presenting three live online workshops this week, with Mark Miller from EndUserSharePoint.com. As usual, each participant receives a sandbox to try out the solutions we provide.

March 23, 2010 – Inline Visualizations in SharePoint
An entry level workshop where you’ll learn how to add color and other effects to your SharePoint lists. Here is a live demo:

March 24, 2010 – SharePoint Gantt Chart Enhancements
The participants will receive 6 snippets of code. The centerpiece is the dynamic timescale (month/week/day), as demonstrated on this mockup:

March 25, 2010 – Dynamic Feedback through SharePoint and Sparkline Charts
Sparklines are a fascinating, relatively new way to communicate. More compact than traditional charts, richer than traditional indicators, they are very popular in dashboards that require to synthesize large amounts of data.
jQuery and Google will come to the rescue to help us integrate these mini-charts in SharePoint. But of course we’ll also share some homemade recipes!

For more information and to register, follow this link:

A workshop to get started with jQuery

Over the past year, the use of jQuery to enhance the SharePoint interface has exploded. Maybe you were tempted to take the plunge, but as an end user you were intimidated by this technology you know little (or nothing) about?

Well, this coming Monday is your chance to get on the bandwagon. Mark Miller and I will be hosting a new workshop: Get Started with jQuery in SharePoint.

Your goal is of course not to become a jQuery expert. But still, by the end of the workshop:
– You’ll have written – and tested – your first jQuery script
– You’ll know the key domains in which jQuery shines
– You’ll be aware that jQuery is not always the best option, and that you should not grab every script you find on the Internet

As usual we’ll provide concrete examples that you’ll test live in your own sandbox.

For more information and to register: