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  1. The tabs are great. Unfortunately, our 508 folks have clobbered me. I see that you’ve made coding changes for 508 tabs. However being pretty thick, I don’t understand your work-a-round.

    You’ve indicated that by modifying ‘None’ to use the class .et-offscreen will work. However, i see the Header=”none” and a.onclick= function (){this.style.display=”none”.

    What exacty do I change? one of the above or perhaps this.class=”et-offscreen”?
    Thank you for your help!

  2. Hi Christophe:
    Thanks for all the work you do and the wonderful idea that enable us!

    Do you know how I might use your HTML Calc col code to show levels of completion using sections of a pie (as in a pie chart)? Exampe: if I have 3 out of 4 teams engaged, the pie would show 3 sections of the pir, with one section missing.


    (Using WSS and SP2010)

    Charlie Epes
    Buffalo, NY

  3. Hello Christophe. Firtst, I’d just like to give a quick hats off to you. Everyone really appreciates the work you do!! Your site is actually one of my “go to” sites as is SympMarc’s.

    I have a simple question regarding your use of calculated fields to render HTML links and buttons in list views.

    I have successfully created the link based on current item, but then saw your example in the “Tasks-Visualization” list on the pathtosharepoint site exhibiting the click-me button.

    This I thought would work better for my purposes as a simple link may not grab my user’s eyes whereas a standard button would.

    I’ve been able to adopt your HTML technique and add a button for each item that says click-me when you click it, but I need it to link to the same location as the hyperlink. Hours ago I though it was a good idea anyway. :S

    Amongst other things, I have tried this in the calculated field:

    =CONCATENATE("<DIV><INPUT TYPE='submit' NAME='myButton' VALUE='Deliverables' onClick='window.open('http://www.microsoft.com')'></DIV>")

    this does create the button but only refreshes the page. I’ve even spent a few hours tweaking adding and removing quotes, apostrophes etc. It sweems double quotes are not appreciated within the tags.

    I figured once I got a link working then I’d up the ante and add the link using the method you showed in the standard html link.

    Have you or anyone you know succesfully been able to get the link to work instead of just a screen refresh?

    Thanks again!


  4. Hi, Christophe! I want to use easytabs to display a wiki page in each tab, so I try to display the wiki page through a page-viewer web part, but all the navigation shows through. How can I do this?

  5. Hello,
    My boss asked me for MOSS 2007 site showing a static map displaying icons on the map depending on values of a SharePoint list.
    The map is actually a picture of a a map with no underlying functionality like Google maps or similar. The SharePoint server and the users have no internet connection.
    Is there a way to display icons on the map based on a SharePoint list?

  6. Thank you for a great tabs product. There is a problem, though.I’m using Easy Tabs with list view web parts and one of the web parts, which has a lot of data, is not going where it should be. It is covering up the tabs and the text below the tabs. I see the bottom of the rogue web part, but the top is off the screen. I’ve been told this has been seen with other web parts that have a lot of text. Do you know how I could fix this?

    • Larry: right, this happens when the Web Part content is very long. The first step is to… ask yourself if it is reasonable to display so much content in a Web Part! Then try this: in the code, replace 9999 with 99999. This will move content further away from the screen.

      • Thanks for the quick response! That worked, thanks! As far as reducing the content, I doubt if the customer would go for that. 🙂

  7. If the Easytabs are embedded in TopRow in a Column function … the WebParts for each of the Tab are staggered when the tabs are clicked. For ex: Tab-1 shows properly aligned but Tab-2 starts all the way to the right side of the page as if the real estate was blocked by Tab-1. Not sure if this is because the EasyTab is used in the TopRow as opposed to Body of the page?

  8. Christophe, thanks for all of this. I received a copy of the Gratis version that I am testing on our 2013 site. I tried hiding the control tabs per the instructions you provided on a different page. The resulting file includes special characters in the file name that I cannot upload to our site as special characters are not allowed in file names. I wanted to look at the inline code example which is included in a named SPELL1.1)Tabs.txt which is not included in the gratis version. Is the only way to get the example of the inline code to purchase the full blown version?

    • Hi Lucy,
      SPELL is a commercial solution, and the source code is not distributed in either version.
      The instructions I provided should not require you to edit the code. What page are you referring to?

  9. Hi

    Can you help with the following? I have an Excel 2003 Formula that I wish to use in Sharepoint but keep getting a syntax error, any ideas?

    =IF([Probability]=”V Low”,IF([Impact]=”V Low”,1),IF([Probability]=”Low”,IF([Impact]=”V Low”,2),IF([Probability]=”Medium”,IF([Impact]=”V Low”,3),IF([Probability]=”High”,IF([Impact]=”V Low”,4),IF([Probability]=”V High”,IF([Impact]=”V Low”,8))))))+IF([Probability]=”V Low”,IF([Impact]=”Low”,5),IF([Probability]=”Low”,IF([Impact]=”Low”,6),
    IF([Probability]=”Medium”,IF([Impact]=”Low”,9),IF([Probability]=”High”,IF([Impact]=”Low”,10),IF([Probability]=”V High”,IF([Impact]=”Low”,13))))))+IF([Probability]=”V Low”,IF([Impact]=”Medium”,7),IF([Probability]=”Low”,IF([Impact]=”Medium”,11),
    IF([Probability]=”Medium”,IF([Impact]=”Medium”,14),IF([Probability]=”High”,IF([Impact]=”Medium”,15),IF([Probability]=”V High”,IF([Impact]=”Medium”,18))))))+IF([Probability]=”V Low”,IF([Impact]=”High”,12),IF([Probability]=”Low”,IF([Impact]=”High”,16),
    IF([Probability]=”Medium”,IF([Impact]=”High”,19),IF([Probability]=”High”,IF([Impact]=”High”,20),IF([Probability]=”V High”,IF([Impact]=”High”,21))))))+IF([Probability]=”V Low”,IF([Impact]=”V High”,17),IF([Probability]=”Low”,IF([Impact]=”V High”,22),IF([Probability]=”Medium”,IF([Impact]=”V High”,23),IF([Probability]=”High”,IF([Impact]=”V High”,24),IF([Probability]=”V High”,IF([Impact]=”V High”,25))))))

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

  10. Hello! I used the code you posted a few years ago to group by month and year. Here is link to the post:


    I set this up a few months ago for several of my lists and it worked perfectly until May. For some reason, items created in May or June of this year are grouped but when I try to expand them to see the items, it won’t expand. Jan through April expand as expected so I’m not sure of what went wrong. I copied the code exactly as it appeared in the post. Any ideas on where I went wrong?


  11. The Image Rotator is a really cool solution. It fits my requirement perfectly.
    However, I initially created a small picture list (5) for testing. Then I went back and added the total pictures I want in my rotator. I still see only the original 5. Have I done something wrong?
    Thank you
    Mark Wildt

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