My slides from SharePoint Saturday EMEA

My slide deck from the SharePoint Saturday EMEA conference  is now online. You can find it on Slideshare, or get it from the download section of my Website (under KPI roll-up). The recording of the session should be available soon, watch out for updates on SharePoint Saturday EMEA was a fantastic event, kudos to […]

Smart TextToHTML

First things first: if you don’t know what I mean by “TextToHTML “, you won’t get much from this post. In this case, I recommend that you start with this introduction. In short, the TextToHTML script has two roles: 1/ find HTML strings in a SharePoint page 2/ Convert these strings into actual HTML Yesterday, I came across a discussion […]

A Prize for the Easy Tabs

A couple months ago, zevenseas started a non-assembly contest. The purpose was to “promote the development of small powerful SharePoint solutions that can be deployed without doing any server side coding”. I entered the contest with three solutions: – A tooltip for SharePoint lists and calendars, based on the jQuery Beauty Tips plugin. – Tasks visualization: […]

HTML Calculated Column and Unicode Graphics

The number one application of the “HTML Calculated Column” method is the display of visual indicators in SharePoint lists. You’ll find many examples on my blog: – KPIs – Progress bars – Color gradients – etc. If you haven’t used this method yet, you’ll need to learn it to take advantage of these tutorials. For the latest […]

HTML Calculated Column: minor update… and some advice

I am publishing today a minor update (v 2.1.1) of the TextToHTML script: You’ll find the updated files under the “download” tab. Why this update? First, I am responding to comments from readers on the blog. Several months ago, Jim Bob Howard posted an example using my method. His post offers detailed step […]

Visualization – calculated color gradients

If you need dynamically generated visualizations for your SharePoint data, have you considered leveraging the power of the Calculated Column? This Tuesday at 1:00pm EST, Mark Miller and I will give you all the keys to master this simple yet powerful technique. At the end of the two hour entry level workshop, you’ll be able […]

HTML calculated column and Data View Web Part

This is a technical post that assumes you are familiar with the HTML calculated column and the Data View Web Part. I recently published a new version of my “HTML calculated column” script. It works fine in list views and calendar views, but not with the Data View Web Part. Let’s take a closer look. […]